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mi nombre es ruzica

As I went through my personal healing process, I realized I needed to mirror the self-compassion I so freely gave to others. It was never an issue to offer compassion to those around me, but I held myself to such an unattainably high standard that I struggled to acknowledge my own needs. I was drowning in self-reluctance, unable to trust that I, too, required attention and care.

I used to be my harshest critic, pushing myself to the point of becoming a shell physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. In my efforts to meet everyone else’s needs, I completely forgot about my own. Ultimately, this stemmed from a lack of understanding of my own self-worth.

This is where my story begins: learning to believe in myself, removing barriers of resistance, and moving with divine flow. My journey has taught me the importance of connecting with how you feel, think, and approach life. The best lesson I’ve learned is to be honest about who you are, face your fears, break old patterns, embrace curiosity, and try new things. I began to explore and chose to lead a life of creativity.

Creativity is about expressing yourself in a way that fits you. It's incredibly freeing when you let go and do what makes you feel good. Work with me through women's circles, card readings, or one-on-one medium mentorship. Learn to listen to your heartstrings, the intuitive piece of you that is your soul-song. Discover your life purpose and see yourself as the amazing and unique being you are.

I work with individuals and groups with the intention for Women to be  heard, seen,


witnessed in

their journey and


through life. 

Avance rápido, hoy...​

soy un femenino intuitivo , presente y profundamente conectado con lo divino y la espiritualidad. Esto me permite sentir las energías subyacentes de quienes me rodean, discernir la base emocional y las necesidades de otra persona, sentir el entorno y experimentarlo de manera diferente, y ver lo que otros pueden no percibir. Ofrezco orientación, comprensión y compasión de una manera bondadosa para ayudar a otros a hacer la transición durante tiempos difíciles y obtener una perspectiva de su situación actual. Como sanadora natural, uso la intuición, las herramientas de adivinación y las reuniones de mujeres para compartir cómo puedes ir hacia adentro, creer en ti mismo y confiar en dónde te están guiando.

Mi viaje

The Circles, Women Gatherings and the SisterCircle program are inspired from the wisdom and teachings of the women who came into my life, mentors, friends, generations of the women before me, mother, grandmother, greatgrandmother all touched with sacred insight, combined with my gypsy spirit (my mom used to call me that), as I pursued the freedom to express myself. My teachings have not all been based on one particular way or guidance.  My Spiritual Alchemy is woven with knowledge, curiosity, exploration, new learnings and trusting my intuition. Meditation, Women groups  and using Divination tools expanded my ability to see my life experiences and the path I am manifesting.  Opening my vulnerability without judgement I sought and gained knowledge of Eastern and Western, holistic and energy practices to balance my health of the Body, Mind and Soul, all while experiencing depression, lack of worth and profound anxiety. My learnings have led me to be fierce and bold so that I hold compassion for myself and others.  I explored creative and healing therapies Art, Journaling, Dance and Writing and more! Living with Intention I learned Shamanic Jouneying and the importance of Ritual and Ceremony in everyday life. This is me,  Ruzica Feminine Intuitive

Trabajo con individuos y grupos, como los Círculos de Mujeres. Es donde las Mujeres se reúnen y se sientan en un Círculo Sagrado creado con la intención de hacer que las Mujeres se sientan escuchadas, vistas, sostenidas y presenciadas en su viaje y transiciones a través de la vida. 

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