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SisterCircle is a 6 week e-learning program combined with weekly live 90 minute face to face video calls. 

In SisterCircle you explore your individuality and experience Darshan. A form of seeing and being seen.

SisterCircle grows a community of women, a Circle of Sisters for you and for others. Whether you are happy and grounded or experiencing intense challenges, SisterCircle is a path to self-definition. The 6 week program is for those new to spiritual practice and for those who are experienced. How it differs is that you join a community of Women as you explore different types of healing Art Therapies, while unleashing the creative power that is within you. 

I joined Ruzica’s SisterCircle with the hope of finding connection-and I am so happy I did! It was delightful to realize and experience how easy it was to connect, even virtually, with sisters around the world. The project that I completed gave me confidence for the next steps in my creative journey. I am most grateful! As well, I have made some lasting friendships where distance seems to not matter. Thanks for a beautiful, meaningful experience! Dayle~ Land of Legend Movement and Rhythm

If you are wondering why Art Therapy and why Creativity; Art Therapy ia used in terms of how you see your life. Yes!


Using creativity and intuition attributes to the insight you have about who you are and what you can contribute to others. In SisterCircle you explore your thoughts, experiment with words, new ideas, sketch a masterpiece or doodle, get inspired, create stories and open your mind.

Our purpose is the same, to lend our light in the effort of expanding the amount of love we can embody

Meggan Watterson

This is a 6 week e-learning, online program with weekly 90 minutes live calls. This program combines creative exploration of yourself within a group of women in a sacred and divine circle. You learn to use the expression of artistry through writing opportunities, reflective moments, creative exploration exercises, voicing your inner wisdom, and healing intelligence with others. Sharing who you are is sharing your gift to the world. Each of us is unique, and the gift we can offer others increases when we gain greater awareness, confidence, and perspective. You are bewildered by your beauty by doing so within a group of like-minded women. There is no judgment of who you are. SisterCircle is an interactive, intense, modular-based virtual program based on the sistership of the community. It is where you will access the hidden gems of your great wisdom and insight and give them to someone else. The 6-week program is a step-by-step system of spiritual practice. Circles offer to empower connection, community, and refuge of trust and love. SisterCircle is for those new to the process and those who have experienced it. These affirming community gatherings help women connect with their feminine strength and boost their positive vibrations. What you will gain: ⛢Deepen relationships with others ⛢Learn rituals that you can use, forever ⛢Find your expression in creativity for healing and growth ⛢Rejuvenate your inner wisdom, passion, and creativity ⛢Be a positive changemaker in the circle ⛢Receive a certificate of completion of SisterCircle The program is offered for six weeks and is flexible so that it meets your needs. Here is what is covered in each section of the program. In the first week, You colour your world. Here you will learn to explore and find items, space, and tools in your environment to anchor your feelings and intentions. Together, the group will perform its first group ceremony to create a sacred altar for the entire circle to visit throughout the training. The gifts, talents, and strengths that you bring into this circle will be acknowledged and honored. The next week we talk about how we connect with others, discern our feelings and wants. Ask ourselves if we say what we want to say. To gain perspective you will learn to breathe in your heart space and see the complexity and beauty of the heart-mind connection. During the third week you will embrace your creative soul light through the experience of meditative intuitive creativity. During this week, you will use physical movement to express yourself. Before you know it you are already halfway through the program. In week 4 you see where life is leading you and grasp how to surrender. This leads to harmonizing your frequencies. Here you will learn how to decipher the vibration of frequency/energy that you are expressing. You will come away with how to increase your frequency. The last week is what I call the Fire Butterfly. By this time you have explored many different ways on how to express yourself and will complete a final artistic project to achieve your Certificate of Completion.

Art has been used for thousands of years and we humans have used it to tell stories. 


Use of music can evoke our memories and spark a creative language, calming effect and places us in a state of mind that flows. Here in this zone, we burst into our creative juices


We all have a story. 

It's about what speaks to you... is it music, colouring, writing?  

Healing Art Therapy opens your mind and brings you to the present, it causes you to set an intention and focus on a single task. Art therapists recommend guided artistic endeavours to help adults who are dealing with a variety of issues and those who are not.  Art Therapists also say when Art Therapy is done on a regular basis it makes for both mental and physical changes for the better.

For some, creativity is seen in their writing, dreams, music, art. They share their story, now is the time for you to share yours.

Abstract contemporary art collage portrait of young woman with flowers.jpg

In SisterCircle you will open the sacred mirror, experiencing darshan, a form or seeing and being seen.

Cercles de femmes

Cercles de femmes,  c'est là que les femmes se réunissent et s'assoient dans un cercle sacré créé avec l'intention de faire en sorte que les femmes se sentent entendues, vues, tenues et témoignées dans leur voyage et leurs transitions dans la vie.

Le cercle est la plus ancienne forme d'interaction sociale. Un lieu où les générations pourraient se réunir pour apprendre et favoriser leur communauté.  Les cercles de femmes sont nés de la prise de conscience que les énergies féminines et masculines ont besoin de séparation pour trouver l'équilibre._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_ Endroits où les deux énergies pourraient se retirer. 

Les cercles de femmes ont créé un sentiment de liberté, libérant le féminin pour diriger et redresser le cours naturel de la vie. Les femmes sanglantes et les tentes rouges étaient honorées et les femmes seraient invitées à guider l'ensemble de la communauté.


Les espaces féminins et notre relation avec les rituels, les enseignements, les rassemblements et la communauté basés sur la nature sont devenus silencieux et parfois silencieux. , sœurs, filles et nous-mêmes.

Rejoignez un cercle de femmes pour déterrer l'ancienne sagesse intérieure, redécouvrir votre pouvoir et votre intuition, prendre du recul pour entrer dans l'appel actuel pour toutes les femmes. 

Rejoignez un événement ou organisez le vôtre

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