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C. Canada

Hi Ruzica,

I won’t be able to attend the second tarot class. I will look for it again in the future.
I will continue to practice with the cards as well.

Thank you for your classes. I love your organized presentation.

The kindness and encouragement that comes through with you teaching is very appreciated.

Thank you again and I will look forward to any other classes you would like to do.

Angele, Canada

Here is what Angele says:
"For the past 4 years I have been struggling to come up with a name for my small business. When I shared that with Ruzica, she immediately told me to send it into the Universe, and that a name would follow. And that is exactly what happened — I was guided to enter a church with her as we were walking downtown Toronto. She pulled a card from the White Light Oracle and her reading was profound and genuine. Within minutes words showed up and Whole Self Healing was born…just like that! Thank you Ruzica for your intuitive gift, xo


I joined Ruzica’s Sister Circle with hope of finding connection-and I am so happy I did!  

It was delightful to realize and experience how easy it was to connect, even virtually, with sisters around the world. 

The project that I completed gave me confidence for the next steps in my creative journey. I am most grateful! 

As well, I have made some lasting friendships where distance seems to not matter. Thanks for a beautiful, meaningful experience! 



Land of Legend Movement and Rhythm

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